Despite being a small country New Zealand does have a rich tradition of street art. Many street artists are making their living out of this hobby. Auckland and Dunedin are the hubs. Most of the street art in New Zealand is here. The RISE festival where international artists come and showcase their art is an elixir for the development of graffiti art in New Zealand.

Banksi is here

There can be no street art without Banksi. This is one of his famous art known as ” The Flower thrower”. It was at showcase at the RISE festival.

Biggie by Owen Dippie

This street art is by New Zealand artist Owen Dippie. This is one of the well-known art “Biggie”  on walls of Dunedin. It can be found in Auckland also.

Graffiti ad by New Zealand Police

This is a stencil made wall graffiti which has been put forward by New Zealand police as a recruitment advertisement. Nice is it not?

Big Animal from Oi You festival

This unique wall mural is from famous Australian street art festival Oi You! which came to New Zealand this air. Graffiti art is indeed becoming popular in New Zealand.

Colorful Graffiti Auckland

This unique and colorful wall mural I found on a wall in a street in Auckland. The colors and hue took my breath away.

My Favorite

This one from a Christchurch street is my favorite. The one-eyed artist really is a piece of art for sure.

I would be exploring Australia next for street art. So watch for some Aussie stuff