Street Art

Street art is beautiful way to express yourself. However most people think it is as a nuisance. They think the street artists are ruining the walls. But street art is subtle art. However you should be prepared for smudging, as it is out in the open. Here are a few tips to make your art stay.

  • Mix wax in you paint – This is my own technique. Mostly people will try to wash off the art. It will destroy your art. However using wax will help keep the art robust.
  • Make your art on walls that are not painted – Good street art on unpainted walls will stay longer. You just have to find the right wall.
  • Use the internet for designs liked in the localityThe internet is a great source and should be used to know the mood of people locally.I am not joking you will be amazed at the response you get. You can also have a website to popularize your art.
  • Contact a buyer – Well in these changing times street art also has buyers. they will pay you for creating street art and also keep it safe for a longer period.
  • Make theme based art – An art piece that suits the local tastes or an issue that the people want raised will not be destroyed. Rather people will protect the art piece. So, know what is the issue and mold you art accordingly to make the local people guard your art.

Following these simple tips will help keep your art piece safe for a longer period and you never know somebody might be interested.