It was only until I would actually get here that I could believe that Switzerland, the land of cheese and chocolate, the land that is said to be perfect and paradise, would be so rich in street art.

I was just taking my first bus from the airport to the train main station at Basel, when I started seeing lots and lots of large, colorful letters and drawings around the city. I was so impressed I believe my words could not even describe how I felt.

Swiss cantons, their cities and towns are well known all around the globe for their perfectionism and cleanliness; I guess that is why it is a surprise for almost every tourist that comes across these notable street art scenes.

As far as I have been travelling the country, it is just my second day in the land surrounded by The Alps, and Zürich and Basel street artseem to be two cantons full of street art, young people and art all around in what can be architecture, graffiti , design and decoration.

I would definitely recommend this country to whoever is looking forward to a mix of luxury, beauty, nature, art, culinary treats, tourism, music and more.