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Banksy: everyone has heard that name before. Love him or loathe him, he’s controversial and certainly gets people talking. I love him! He’s my favourite street artist and I really feel he stands up for the ‘everyman’ of society against mass consumerism and corporate brainwashing. I was lucky enough to visit Bristol during my summer in the UK a few years ago and I saw his work first hand. My personal favourite is his satirical and very amusing Well Hung Lover, which shows a man looking for his wife’s lover out of a window, while the man in question is hanging naked clinging to the window sill below him. Bristol is where it all began for him and I recommend you take a Banksy Walking Tour if you’re interested in his early work.

So who is Banksy? He remains anonymous, despite lots of people trying to guess who he is. In 2008 the newspaper, The Mail on Sunday, revealed who they thought Banksy was, but his identity is still unconfirmed. Whoever, he is I hope he stays anonymous for as long as possible, as I think that adds magic to his work. His work is unmistakeable, he uses iconic images and turns them on their heads: rats, monkeys, a view of Paradise beyond the Palestinian West Bank, subversive epigrams and ironic nods to his audience. Long may Banksy paint the streets!

Banksy West Bank mural

Another day in Paradise?